Sunday, May 14, 2006

oh, OK, I'm THAT girl

Sometimes I think I should just tattoo "I'm a huge tool" on my forehead to save time. That way people will know to avoid me before I make an ass out of myself.

Why, yes, I did have a good weekend. Full of friends and bar and um, best of all? Three hole punch Steve! That's right. I went there. It was not a good weekend for cell phones, though. My roommate kind of broke hers in half. She could still use it if she held the pieces together but of course, the screen no longer worked so she had no idea who was calling. It hadn't been completely broken before that. For a while, the top half was hanging on by one side. It kind of looked like a loose tooth; you know, the one that you let get looser and looser because you didn't want to pull it and eventually it would just be hanging there by like one little thread of . . . whatever teeth hang by, until finally it would either fall out or your dad would threaten to tie a piece of string around it and tie the other end to the back of the car because he was tired of watching you wiggle it back and forth with your tongue. True story. Not really. Good talk.

I also found out that my cell phone will soon need replaced. AWESOME. It doesn't so much hold a charge anymore, and apparently it's because the battery is draining draining draining away. I can either try and hold off til August, when I'm eligible to upgrade it, or I can pay $40 for a new battery. I'll be holding off, of course, and I think I'll be OK as long as my roommate stays away from it. This weekend, it (my phone, not my roommate) almost died several times, but not before my friends could take it out of my purse without my knowledge and use it for nefarious deeds.

PS: Happy Mother's Day, moms.

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