Thursday, June 22, 2006

como se llama, bonita, mi casa, SHAKIRA SHAKIRA

Today is one of those days where I wish I could write something serious and thought out but instead of putting in all that effort I'm going to talk about my sunburn and other things of that nature. Maybe cowbells. The weather. Underwear. WHO KNOWS?

Anyway, so the sunburn. It doesn't hurt anymore. The burn on my arms and thighs has turned a pleasant shade of brown. Tan, if you will. My back, however . . . while it no longer hurts to wear a bra, I'm definitely peeling and it itches ever so badly. Reason number 46 to have a boyfriend . . . he could rub lotion on my back. Or reason number one (and really, isn't it the only reason?) to have some serial killer/crossdresser keep me in a deep, dark well, lower a basket and shriek, "it puts the lotion on its skin or else it gets the HOSE again" at me. Anyone? Bueller? And moving on.

So, I didn't do anything productive last night and do you want to know why? When I got home from work, I saw that TiVo was very kindly recording the entire season of America's Next Top Model: Season the Fourth so OF COURSE I had to watch that all evening. After I watched The Daily Show and you know? If there were a 24 hour Daily Show network I would quit my job and stock up on Red Bull and coffee so I could watch it all. Day. Long. Of course, then I wouldn't have any money so I wouldn't be able to pay for cable or, actually, the Red Bull or the coffee. CONUNDRUM. I suppose I could steal the Red Bull and coffee and for that matter the cable, which would probably end in disaster one night when the cable went out and I jittered up to the roof to try and fix it and ended up electrocuting myself or strangling myself with the cable wire. True story.

Another factor in my nonproductivity was the Big Brother show last night, which . . . OK, was kind of boring. I had already learned from the Internets who the 20 finalists were going to be and some of them were no brainers anyway so . . . there was an hour wasted. Well, more like an 55 minutes because about five minutes showcased my Reality TV Boyfriend Kaysar (different than my Fictional TV Boyfriend Jim Halpert) and any time spent looking at Kaysar is time well spent. So hot. Ok, I'll stop now.

I'm in a book rut. Does anyone have any suggestions? I have unread books to read, of course, from my last couple of stops at Half-Price Books, but none of them are inspiring me to actually pick them up and read them. HELP. ME.

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