Monday, June 26, 2006

You woke up the bears! Why did you do that?

For those interested (Kat, I think you were the only one), the zoo was exactly as I remembered it . . . big, confusing, smelly, and WONDERFUL. Except for the people. I have never seen so much pale, dimpled fat on display in my life. That's a lie. I mean, I've been to Disneys both Land and World. The best part of the zoo (besides the penguins, because HELLO, penguins are my favorite) was when we saw the black bear sleeping on a rock and the little boy standing next to us said to his mom, "Haha, that bear looks like a pile of poop!" Because poop references are funny, even when they come from small children. Alright, ESPECIALLY when they come from small children.

I would post pictures of my favorite animals . . . but see, here's the deal. I had to reload Windows on my computer (yes, again) and I haven't reinstalled the software for my digital camera even though it's been like a month, so you see I cannot load the pictures from my camera onto my computer until I load the software and the chance of that happening in the next couple of days or even weeks is, well, not good. Sorry. If you want to see pictures of my favorite animals go here. Try not to smile and have warm, fuzzy feelings I DARE YOU.

Our plan was to go to the zoo all day long, but we got up late (who is surprised, raise your hand, NO ONE that's what I thought) and by the time we got ready, we didn't have as much time as we'd planned. But it turned out to be OK because we both have adult ADD or something. We'd stare at the zebras and a couple seconds later, one of us would see an elephant and run the opposite direction. I think we spent the most time at the penguin exhibit and I'm not gonna lie, I almost pushed some little kids out of the way so I could stand on the step right next to the glass. I think I mentioned last time that I am short (Judy, I think you asked how short . . . 5'2 and three quarters (shut up, those three quarters of an inch are IMPORTANT) but I'm 5'3 on a tall day and also did you notice the parenthesis inside of parenthesis? That is talent, I know), so I should get to stand right next to the kids at this kind of thing.

Do you want to hear how disgusting I am? Too bad. So, Saturday my roommate and I walked around the zoo for a couple of hours. Then we sat outside to eat dinner. Then we went to a bar. Then a party. Then we slept at her boyfriend's apartment, and it was hotter than balls in there. Eventually, we found our way back to Dayton and went swimming. Well, I went swimming because Heidi is smarter than I am. The water? Was kind of cold. Ok, really cold. And by the time we went swimming it wasn't that hot outside anymore, just pleasantly warm. So last weekend I burned the hell out of my back and this weekend I tried to give myself hypothermia. BRILLIANT. Anyway, so after swimming we ate a late dinner and by that time I was too tired to do anything else so I didn't shower. Yep. I did not wash the layers of sweat, sunscreen, and chlorine off of my skin until this morning and that's only because I couldn't go to work all dirty and gross because they would have sent me home. Actually, that doesn't sound like such a bad plan, so maybe I'll try that next weekend except oh wait, I'm only working three days next week. SCORE.

Thanks to everyone who gave me some book suggestions. I'll definitely be reading all of them (in fact, I already started one) but if anyone has any more I'll be your best friend forever and ever. BFF 4 eva. LYLAS. Wow. Junior high flashbacks are SCARY.

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