Friday, June 09, 2006

today is 6/9 . . . heh heh heh

This morning as I was driving to work, I got to thinking about how I always like to be prepared. I don't like doing or saying anything unless I know what the other person's reaction is going to be. And if I don't know what the other person's reaction is going to be, I like to run through all the possible scenarios in my head. Of course, none of this applies when I've been drinking because at that point I will do or say pretty much anything without thinking much about the consequences. As I was wondering why I absolutely have to be prepared everything, why I have to be READY for anything that might be thrown my way, I missed my exit. The exit I take each and every morning. So much for being prepared for every situation.

I don't think I've slept an entire night through ever since I started sleeping with my windows open. And not because of the same reasons as when I lived in my old place, where I would always worry that I'd wake up to someone crawling through my bedroom window AND not in a romantic Romeo & Juliet (without the bloodshed) way but with nefarious intentions, like to ass rape me OR WORSE catnap Phoebe or funnap TiVo. Can you imagine? It gives me chills FOR REAL. Anyway, no, those are not the things waking me up. There are air conditioning units outside my window so almost every time they kick on, I wake up. Why these people have their AC on already, I have no idea. We had a couple days of hot hot hot weather and my roommate and I turned on our AC, but then it cooled off so we went back to open windows and fresh fresh air. I love having the windows open, except at 5 AM when the geese start honking or at night when the bullfrogs are out at the pond (real bullfrogs, though, not people having sex like last time) or when our downstairs neighbors leave for work and slam their freaking door as loud as possible. Still. I'll take slammy downstairs neighbors over my loud, upstairs, sex neighbors from my old place.

For a while, we debated whether or not to leave our balcony door open at night. Finally, we decided it was OK because, as I pointed out, if someone really wanted to get in they'd have to get a ladder or a really big trampoline and we'd probably hear the thud as they landed on the balcony. See. Totally prepared for that one.

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