Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Pam Beesley is in my Top 8

You know what the best thing about Myspace is? Looking up people from high school that I hated and seeing how fat they've gotten, how many kids they have, and what fast food restaurant they're working at. Yes, it's bitchy but SO WERE THEY. No, I will not share my Myspace profile with you because it's embarrassing enough that I have one. Moving on.

Those of you who may remember my major obsession last summer might be wondering why I have been surprisingly quiet on the subject of Big Brother: All Stars. It's because when I think about it, I get a little too excited and start to worry about my mental health. I'm telling you all this in preparation for any posts which take place after tomorrow's show because you will probably get tired of seeing these words: Kaysar, love, boyfriend, have, babies. Those of you who have been hoping that I'd talk about something other than The Office and my love of TV Boyfriend John Krasinski will get your wish. Although . . . what the hell is wrong with you? The Office is awesome and if you talk shit about my TV Boyfriend I will have to cut you.

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