Tuesday, June 06, 2006

we're going streaking! through the quad and into the gymnasium! bring your green hat!

Yesterday morning, instead of sleeping until the last possible minute and then racing around like a crazy person to get ready, I got up early, made some coffee and actually ATE breakfast while walking around the apartment half-dressed. Don't worry, my roommate was already gone. It was nice. This morning? I hit my snooze button three times and whirling dervished through the apartment to get ready but I DID get to work on time AND I even stopped at the gas station to get ass raped, I mean gas.

Because of some unexpected car repairs last week, I sat down yesterday and made up a budget. Kind of. I mean, I wrote down all of my monthly payments, you know, things I kind of HAVE to pay, like rent, student loans, and my pimp. And as I looked at the amount of money I should be able to save every month, I had to wonder . . . where the hell does my money go? Then I looked in my checkbook and it all made sense. Target and alcohol, that sounds about right.

It's OK, because the next couple of weekends should be cheap, cheap, cheap. This weekend was. I spent the majority of it watching reruns of America's Next Top Model and plotting to run away forever with my roommate's TiVo. Oh. My. God. I'm a tiny bit obsessed. This is why I never got TiVo. Well, also they're expensive. I hope my roommate doesn't get pissed and move out because I kind of keep filling it with episodes of The Office, Late Night with Conan, and, ohmygodbestofall, The Daily Show. Ooooooh, how I missed The Daily Show. Also? I really like the little blee-bloop sounds TiVo makes. It sounds so happy to be fast-forwarding through commercials and asking me if I want to delete Three Hole Punch Jim or keep him forever.

Does it freak anyone else out that today is 6/6/6? I kind of wanted to call in sick and spend the day either locked in the closet or under my bed or, ok who am I kidding, sitting on the sofa spending my last moments on earth with TiVo.

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