Friday, July 28, 2006

If I have to pick a Wilson, I'm gonna go with Luke every time

My roommate and I have been discussing last night's episode of Big Brother through e-mail all morning. I'd share some of our discussion, but I don't want to implicate either of us should our bosses stumble across this blog.

Animal crackers and coffee really do make the best breakfast ever.

I think I'm going to grow my hair long again. It hasn't been long since sophomore year of college and I really need a project. You know, a project that will require little to no effort on my part because my hair will grow whether I do anything or not. Also, I'm tired of not being able to pull my hair into a ponytail and waking up in the morning looking like the brunette version of Einstein. Sans mustache, of course.

My friend Amy told me about a book a while ago called The Year of Yes, about this woman who decides that she's going to accept dates from anyone who asks her. I haven't read it yet because a) I couldn't find it at Half-Price Books and I refuse to pay full price for books anymore because THAT IS CRAZY TALK and b) I can't get any more books from the library until I pay my fine because librarians are strict bitches. But I already love it. Even though I haven't read it. I know that sounds insane, but deal with it. It's an intriguing project and one I'd be willing to duplicate if, you know, anyone was actually asking. And responses to the fake Craigslist ads my friends and I post don't count.

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