Monday, July 31, 2006

what the smurf?

Since SOMEONE won't update their blog and give me something to do (I mean besides WORK because I am very busy and important) I guess I'll have to amuse myself.

So, I unintentionally dressed like a smurf today. The office is closed so I am allowed to wear whatever I want and for some reason, today I chose a) dark blue jeans, b) a turquoise shirt, c) blue flip flops, and d) a light and dark blue purse. So I look like a smurf. Because I'm also short. Is looking like a smurf better than looking like Dora? I can't decide. At least I don't have a funny, white hat. Or know anyone named Gargamel. What was the cat's name? I don't remember and I am too lazy to Google it, so please provide me with this useless piece of knowledge. Wait, was it Azrael? Why do I know that? What did I have to forget to make room in my brain for that?

When I was housesitting, I used the cell phone my aunt and uncle had left at home as my alarm. Because I couldn't figure out how to use their alarm clock. Shut up. Also, I didn't want to use my phone because it is unreliable and the battery is about to die and I refuse to pay $40 for a new one when I'm eligible for a new phone next month anyway. One of the ringers on their phone was the Smurf theme song. I mean, it didn't say "Smurf theme song" in the phone because that would be weird, right? And probably some kind of copyright violation and you do NOT want the Smurf mafia coming after you. They have sharp teeth. Or so I'm told. ANYWAY, this particular ringer was labeled "tra la la." That's right. Tra la la. Because "tra la la la la la, la la la la la" probably wouldn't fit. That's what I used as the alarm ringer. I highly recommend it. You cannot be in a bad mood, no matter how tired and grumpy you are, when you wake up to the Smurf song. No wonder those little bastards were always so happy. Except Grouchy. That grumpy asshole always ruined everyone's fun.

When I was younger, just a tiny, pigtailed girl of seven (I made that up, I don't remember how old I was), my uncle repainted my aunt's car. Some of the blue paint splattered on the driveway and my uncle told me he'd stepped on a smurf. And while I totally believed him and was kind of upset that a cartoon character had met its unfortunate demise on my grandma's driveway, I couldn't help but be fascinated that WOW even smurf BLOOD is blue.

PS: I did not intend to write this much about Smurfs today, but there you go.

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