Thursday, June 21, 2007

I fought the law and the law won

I hope the title of this post did not confuse you. I'd hate to think you came into this post wondering if I (finally) got arrested or ran over a cop (or a bunch of soldiers, although I HAVE almost done both . . . key word: almost). I didn't get arrested or run over anyone. Sorry. You wanna hear something weird, though? Why am I asking you that? Of course you want to hear something weird! This morning I woke up half an hour before my alarm was set to go off. I hate that. I hate it with the fire of a thousand suns. And then I couldn't go back to sleep, but rather than get out of bed and maybe be early to work for once in my life, I just flopped around trying to sleep for thirty more beautiful minutes. INSTEAD of falling to sleep, however? I got this song stuck in my head. But not the whole song because I don't KNOW the whole song and probably haven't heard it in 57 years. It was more like "I fought the law and the law won . . . I fought the law and the law won . . . I fought the law and the law won" over and over until finally I just started singing it out loud. Why fight it?

Here is the weird part. Are you ready? My alarm went off, I rolled out of bed and walked over to turn on my radio. Because I like to listen to music when I get ready. Loud music. Right, Heidi? Right. Anyway, what song do I hear screaming out of my radio? "I FOUGHT THE LAW AND THE LAW WON," and I was all, "where have I heard that song recently?" and then I was like, "oh yeah, in my head . . . wtf?" It was a very weird start to the morning. I actually pinched myself to make sure I was really awake.

So, apparently I'm psychic. If only my powers could be utilized for something more useful than predicting a song on the radio.

Speaking of songs. I was listening to that new Fergie song on the way to work (don't you judge me). You know the one I mean? The "Big Girls Don't Cry" one? OK, so we call my friend Mary's roommate "Big Girl" even though he is neither big nor a girl. Discuss. Anyway, I'm listening to the song and the phrase "Big Girl" makes me laugh anyway because of Mary's roommate and Fergie got to the line "It's time to be a big girl nooooooow!" and I completely lost it. I was in my car, all alone, laughing so hard I was crying. I don't know what the people in the cars around me were thinking. I don't really care. However, I think it might be time to start sleeping. Weird things are going on in my brain and I'm blaming the insomnia. WHAT, IT TOTALLY DESERVES IT!

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