Wednesday, June 20, 2007

someday you will find me caught beneath the landslide

Oh, you guys. You guys. I don't know if I'm going to make it to next week. I am still not fully recovered from last weekend, what with the marriage and the drinking and the no sleeping and the Taylor Hicks sighting. This weekend is gearing up to be even crazier. There is another wedding (!!!) on Saturday in Chicago and so I took Friday off (!!!) to drive down (up? over? over and up?) early. I'm staying with my friend Mary. You know what happens when I stay with my friend Mary? So. Many. Things. I never know what to expect because somehow we seem to end up in the strangest places, like Lake Michigan at 4 AM. I say this as if we have no control over where we end up, but if you'd ever had a margarita from this place then you'd know that we DON'T.

SIDENOTE: My Favorite Radio Station Ever is playing Ring of Fire (um, AWESOME) right now and I had to get up and do a little jig. I wish you could have seen it. No. No, I don't. AND NOW they are playing Wonderwall (um, here . . . sure, why not). I want to marry this radio station.

Back to the story. MY POINT IS, I'm not sure if I'll make it back from Chicago. I may need someone to come bail me out of jail. Or help me fish my purse out of Lake Michigan. YOU NEVER KNOW. Maybe I'll meet the man of my dreams at Whitney's wedding and run away to Vegas and get married (HAHAHA!) or, more likely, maybe I will get horribly lost again in underground Chicago and it may take me several weeks to unlose myself.

I'm so tired today. Again, I never fully recovered from last weekend's wedding and I really could have used a sleep-in day on Monday BUT NO I had to get up and go to work. And yet, I haven't used the exhaustion-factor as an excuse not to go to the gym. So weird. Here's the thing, I'm actually starting to look forward to going to the gym because it is like free time for my brain. Normally, my brain is busy working out scenarios, holding imaginary conversations with real people, and freaking out about said scenarios and conversations. When I'm on the elliptical/treadmill/etc, however, I am so focused on how much time I have left because I feel like I'm about to fall onto the floor in a heap where I will then curl into the fetal position until my legs are no longer made out of rubber. Or I'm thinking, "Come on, self! You've almost burned 200 calories! If you keep up this pace, you'll burn at least 500 by the end! WHY ARE YOU SLOWING DOWN, YOU LAZY BITCH! I SAID GO FASTER! STOP STARING AT THE TIME LEFT AND WATCH THE MOVIE! I'M NOT GOING TO QUIT YELLING UNTIL YOU DO WHAT I SAY!"

Ahem. Anyway, there have been some pretty good movies lately at the gym. They gave up (I hope) on weepy, sad-sack movies like Stepmom and The Green Mile and are moving toward more action movies. The other night, they were showing Red Eye and I was SO EXCITED because I have crushes on both Cillian Murphy (even when he's evil) AND Rachel McAdams (especially when she's evil). And last night? They were showing Armageddon . . . which, OK, is a flaming pile of crap but it's still entertaining. Also, Ben Affleck! When I walked into the gym last night I had no idea how long I was going to work out. Then I saw that Armageddon was on and figured that could keep me entertained for a while (see above: Ben Affleck) and decided to do the elliptical for an hour. Because apparently my life is so boring and pathetic that I have nothing better to do than work out. Wah wah wah! Let's all have a pity party for Jennie! Poor Jennie! Don't you just want to buy her cookies? Anyway, an hour on the elliptical was probably unnecessary, especially since they had just painted the entire building or something (?) and the paint fumes were making me kind of lightheaded. More than usual, I mean.

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