Thursday, September 14, 2006

Dear Internets, I have a problem

Not a mental problem. THIS time. I think something is wrong with my coffeemaker. OK, I know something is wrong with my coffeemaker. The on/off switch, when turned to the on position has a little orange light that, well, lights up. Lately, however, I'll go out to the kitchen expecting to see a freshly brewed semi-pot of coffee (not a whole pot, unless I plan to run to work that day) and instead! The pot! Is empty! This makes me sad on several levels. One, because I'm usually on a very tight schedule in the morning as a result of hitting snooze 78 times and there is no room for error and I ESPECIALLY do not have time for coffee shenanigans and TWO, because I love coffee! And where is it? Seriously! Coffeemaker, why have you forsaken me!

Anyway. I've found that if I flip the on/off switch back and forth a couple of times, eventually the orange light will come back on and my coffee will brew. Or, if you hold the switch in a certain position, like halfway between on and off, the coffee will start brewing again. Unfortunately, I don't have time to stand there with my finger on the switch and watch the precious liquid drip sloooooowly into the void of the coffeepot because usually I'm standing there in a towel with my wet hair dripping all over the linoleum. So I've come up with a temporary solution. I took a piece of scotch tape and very gingerly placed it on the bottom of the on/off switch to hold it in the proper position while I run away and frantically get ready for work. And while I'm proud of this solution (I feel it proves that my dad's engineer genes, the ones that enable him to MacGyver problem appliances in the easiest way possible using ordinary household items, haven't completely been nurtured out of my body), I would like to be able to fix it permanently. You know. Without having to spend money on a new one.

On a completely unrelated note . . . is this week crawling by for anyone else? Seriously. I'm pretty sure they added a couple days. All Mondays.

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