Sunday, September 24, 2006

I'm not together but I'm getting there*

One of these days I will be a responsible adult, right? Right? Did you guys ever do those senior superlatives in high school? Like Most Likely to Succeed? And Best Hair? And Biggest Slut? I actually don't remember if we did it or not, but if we did it now I think I'd be voted Most Likely to Set Self on Fire or Most Likely to Die in a Freak Gasoline Fight Accident. Seriously.**

I spent this morning (and when I say this morning, I mean after 11 because that is when I dragged myself out of bed) inhaling coffee and talking to "Katherine" (yeah, right) at SBC's Tech Support because our Internet wasn't working and if I am without the ability to check my e-mail I start to go a little, how to I put this, batshit crazy. Katherine was really helpful, though. She even asked me how the weather was here and if I'd had a good weekend. Thanks, Katherine! Oh, and thank you for spelling everything for me veeeerrrryyyy slooooowly and TWICE even! I know the American school system isn't the best, but I do know how to spell config. Really. Thanks.

Oh, guess what. My car is sucking more money out of my checking account. Thanks a lot, CAR.

I don't really have anything to say (obviously), I just really wanted to make sure the first post people see when they come here isn't about poop. Actually, I wish I hadn't even mentioned poop again. Shit.

*Dear My Sister, thank you for burning me a copy of John Mayer's new CD, even if it makes me a bad fan I don't care because JOHN, seriously, I have no money. How about you give me a Grammy to sell on eBay?

**I need to stop saying this IMMEDIATELY.

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