Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Whatever, dude, you kissed a guy

Because my friends and I all have the mentality of 5th graders, whenever any of us has any kind of boy in the picture (platonic or otherwise), there is a mad, immature rush to put his number into our cell phones and pretend we are going to call him and say something embarrassing. This doesn't really scare me too much, because I doubt my friends can say much that I wouldn't say myself after a couple of drinks. But it does explain why I just found a strange entry in my cell phone for someone named "petes." From what I can recall, I tried to put the name "Peter" in my phone last summer after one of my friends had a couple run-ins with a boy named, you guessed it, Peter. Not "petes," and I'm guessing I spelled it that way because it's hard to see the letters on your phone when you're in a dark bar and you've had one too many shots of tequila but ANYWAY moving on. I doubt I ever got so far as to call him, because this was the phone number I had listed: 757. That's it. Just 757. Ok. This is why I should not be allowed to operate my cell phone while drinking. I wish my phone had a breathalyzer on it so it would like automatically hang up if I was too drunk to be operating it. Seriously. I should probably take my boss's cell phone number out of my phone. That's just asking for trouble.

Also, some of you may find this number useful: 440-328-3382.

So, Phoebe is doing this new annoying thing where she stares at a window and meows until you open the blinds. And then when you do open the blinds, she keeps staring at the window and meowing because she's trying to figure out if her fat ass will fit up there. It will.

Most of the time, anyway. I know she only wants up there because squirrels keep running by on the ledge outside. And it's not like she's gonna catch any of them! They're outside and even if they weren't it wouldn't matter. They're speedy and would probably kick Phoebe's ass even though they are like the gay mafia of the nature world. Also, she hardly even tries to catch bugs anymore! So her skills? Not so sharp. Fucking lazy cat. I knew I should have gotten a lion.

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