Monday, September 18, 2006

for real, I almost peed myself

Check out how cheap gas was in Mason today*:

Take a moment for your eyes to adjust. That is gas . . . under two dollars a gallon. I know! Of course, I had already filled up my tank in Dayton before I left at $2.11 and then when I got back to Dayton this evening the price had jumped to $2.24. It's OK, though. I've given up trying to make sense of it.

You guys, it's Monday again. I just can't understand how and why this keeps happening. Actually, I'm just whining for no reason. I had a very good Monday, but don't tell the universe.

*between this photo and the picture of the pimps** I took Saturday night, my new camera phone has already paid for itself AND THEN SOME

**Ok, I'll share a picture. It's not the one I took with my phone, but it is the best picture I have ever been a part of:

The pimp dressed in black was at least 70, had no teeth, and told me I looked good holding his cane.

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