Friday, April 13, 2007

Andy, Dwight says welcome back, and he could use a hug.

A game for Friday because I'm sure none of you actually want to work.

Two Truths and a Lie:
  1. When I was a young lady of 12 or 13, I thought you could only wear tampons if you'd had sex. Also, I thought tampons seemed very scary. I'm no longer scared of tampons, though.
  2. I still make a wish whenever I see that the clock says 11:11. I also wish on stray eyelashes. I always forget to pay attention to whether or not they come true, though.
  3. This would probably surprise my coworkers and some relatives who are not familiar with this blog, but I have a pretty goddamn dirty mouth. I tone it down on here, but the words I use most frequently are probably some variation of the word "fuck," "douchebag," or possibly movie and The Office quotes.

Only I cheated, because none of those are actually lies. Except maybe number one because it implies that I was once some sort of lady, young or otherwise. I'm not a good liar anyway. It's true. Ask Heidi.

Have at it, Internets.

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