Friday, April 27, 2007

Yeah, well, I’m calling the Ungrateful Bee-yotch Hotline!

Dear Internets, meet Sasha:

Yes, I ripped off the name from JD's scooter on Scrubs. Deal with it. Look at how little and cute she is! I can probably keep her in my pocket if I can't find a parking space. I had to give her a girl name because that car is CLEARLY a girl. Heidi suggested "Minty" but my mom said she needed something more exotic. Thus, Sasha was born. Thank you, Zach Braff. For so many things, really. Heh.

I got a little sad last night when I had to give the keys to Tealy to the dealership guy. Especially when my dad started talking about how they were going to rip him to pieces for parts.

Dad: Haha.
Me: Tealy is going to a little farm out in the country where he can drive and frolic about in the fields.
Mom: Oh my.
Dad: Yeah, ok.
Me: It's true.
Dad: Maybe he can be with the Buick.
Mom: Yeah, what did you name the Buick?
Me: Big Blue.
Dad: Well, Tealy and Big Blue will be very happy together.
Me: The other night Heidi called Tealy a "she" and I was all "NO! Tealy is a boy."
Mom: What was Big Blue?
Me: A boy. Which is too bad for Tealy.
Dad: Not necessarily.
Me: That's true, Tealy IS kind of gay.
Dad: Nothing wrong with that.
Me: I hope the farm is in New Hampshire.
Dad: You are so strange.

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