Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Conversations With My Roommate: Gmail Chat Edition

Ever since Heidi bought a laptop, sometimes we'll chat on Gmail from opposite ends of the apartment. Sure, one of us could get up and go into the other's room, but we don't. Also, sometimes yelling is tiring. So. Shut up and stop judging, judge-y.

Heidi: i'm really tirsty too
wow, way to spell

[this part of the conversation is not safe for the internets]

me: i could totally start a conversations with my roommate: gmail chat edition on my blog

Heidi: haha, you should

me: not this convo though

Heidi: heck no

me: we'll see
should we send out an evite for our bday soon?
or like a save the date?

Heidi: yeah, i think we should
we could send out one that lets them know and then update it when we decide what to do

me: good call
i like where your head's at

Heidi: thanks, I try
are you watching friends?

me: no
i'm listening to the radio

Heidi: loser
friends is funny!

me: you're funny!
oh god my stomach is angry

Heidi: your face if funny
mine too...it's all achy now

me: not pukey angry or anything but like "too soon, jennie, too soon!"

Heidi: "you should have known better"

me: yeah, but when do we ever make good decisions?
i mean, it's april 9th and i'm just now doing my taxes

Heidi: haha, yeah, that's funny
talk about procrastination

me: i'm glad my parents never asked about it
my dad would be all "jennifer lynn! don't come crying to us when you get thrown in jail!"

Heidi: you could totally trick them into thinking you forgot this year if they ask!

me: and my mom would be all "jennifer lynn!" and then "are you feeling better, sweetie?"
oooh, i should!
i could be all "i have to do my taxes every year?"

Heidi: I'm afraid I'm not going to remember to get my new ID or tags for my car
haha, yeah that would be hilarious!

me: i think our parents should be responsible for stuff like that until we get married

Heidi: seriously...too much and I'll blow up

me: and then our husbands can be responsible for it
i feel bad for my future husband

Heidi: me too

me: he has no idea what he's in for

Heidi: i can't cook, hate to clean, and don't like to be responsible for my own stuff

me: he has to pay all the bills, cook, do the laundry, take care of the cars, clean the bathroom

Heidi: hahahaha yeah

me: make sure i change my underwear every day

Heidi: eww
that is bad

me: i'm just kidding!

Heidi: haha, good

me: god, how disgusting do you think i am?

Heidi: well........

me: hey


me: whatever!
we're fighting!
i will fight you!

Heidi: bring it

me: I don't wanna, i'm tired

Heidi: I'll poop on you

and hahahahaah
once i told my sister i pooped in her bed

Heidi: it won't take any effort for the poop
you can just sit there

me: this was like a couple years ago

Heidi: haha, did she believe you?

me: yeah!
she got so mad!
and started screaming, "JENNIE WHY DID YOU POOP IN MY BED?!?"

Heidi: because

me: and my dad came upstairs and she was yelling and he was all "why is she yelling?"
and I couldn't tell him because I was laughing too hard because . . . did you poop in my bed? hahahahaha

Heidi: hahaha, that would be all sorts of wrong
our cat at home used to poop on my brother's bed
it was funny

me: phoebe puked in my bed
not now
but this one time?
she did

Heidi: excellent story

me: thanks
i pride myself on my storytelling skills

Heidi: they're pretty great
i won't lie

me: i work on them at night while i'm lying in bed

Heidi: that isn't the only thing you work on in bed

me: wow
i am offended

Heidi: haha

me: no you're not
i'm so putting some of this in my blog
can i have your consent?

Heidi: yeah

me: awesome

We do still have real conversations, though.

Heidi: Your hair looks cute!
Me: What?
Heidi: Your hair. I like it.
Me: Are you kidding? I just pulled it into a ponytail while I was sitting here. I didn't even look in the mirror.
Heidi: Well, it looks good.
Me: That's it. I'm not even going to try any more. When I try to look cute, everything backfires.

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