Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Oh, Jenny, you are crazy, first I'm perfect, then I'm lazy

You know, I was going to start complaining that I wished my name was Lyla or Layla or maybe even Janie or, better yet, (proud) Mary or (sweet) Caroline so I could have a song that was about me. Then I remembered that my name is Jenny and there are a shit-ton of songs with my name in them. SUCH AS:

Jenny Was a Friend of Mine (thanks, I like you, too)
Jenny From the Block (I am from a block)
Jenny, Jenny, Jenny (Tony, Tony, Tony!)
Jenny Gotta Dance (you don't want me to do that, I promise)
Jenny, Don't Be Hasty (too late)
Jenny Wren (I have nothing to say about this one)
AND for the love of all that is holy in this world!
867-5309 (Jenny!)

As far as I know, there aren't any well-known songs (or songs whatsoever) that spell my name the right way. With an IE. Not a Y. Not an I. IE. Although, when I was born I was just Jenny (well, Jennifer but whatever). I'm the one that changed it to Jennie in 4th grade because I was all, "all of these other suckers named Jennifer spell Jenny with a Y . . . fuck that!" I had a dirty mouth for a 4th grader. Anyway, so I changed it to be different. Um. Yeah. Mission accomplished, there, didn't so much need to change the spelling of my name. Right after I changed it my teacher asked me about it, probably because she was all, "Oh no, why has this girl forgotten how to spell her name? What's wrong with her now?" I mean, I was already one of those kids with the really messy desks. You know the ones I mean. And she would come around to all the messy kid desks and DUMP EVERYTHING OUT ON THE FLOOR and I was always the last one to get mine cleaned up, which meant I was sitting on the floor in a pile of papers and pencils and crayons and who KNOWS what else long after everyone else had cleaned their messes up. So I'd sit there crying and crying, my sad little pigtails hitting me in the face with each heaving sob of my body, until they had to take me out in the hall and beat me. I'm totally kidding. I never cried.

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