Sunday, March 23, 2008

Happy Easter

Touchdown Jesus

On a completely unrelated note (although . . . not really), the other night I was channel-surfing and when I flipped past The God Channel (official name), I noticed something odd. Some movie about Jesus was on, which is not, in fact, odd on The God Channel. I mean, if it had been a movie called Porn and Why It's Awesome: Let Us Show You It, I would have been all, "hey, wait a minute," but no. It was a movie about Jesus. BUT. Jesus was being played by Desmond. Desmond the time-traveling Scotsman from Lost. And the weird thing is, he didn't look any different playing Jesus.

Thus endeth the Easter lesson of the day.


  1. Labels: Giant Jesus.

    You are amazing in about a billion ways.

  2. That's totally weird, brothah. But only in the best of ways.

  3. Maybe Desmond is really Jesus.

  4. we waved to Giant Jesus on our way home from Kentucky on easter - we also visited to hustler store. hehe