Saturday, March 15, 2008

blake's got a new face

Dear Internets,

You would not believe how productive I've been today. Especially since I've only been awake for less than three hours. I mean, sure, I sat around and drank coffee for a while BUT THEN I paid bills and renewed my license plates (what a fucking rip off) and did some laundry and listened to the Vampire Weekend album THREE TIMES (thank you, Kat!).

I figured before I showered or started working on How to Knit a Bunny (siiiiigh), I'd better tell you all about how productive I've been, because if the Internets doesn't care, WHO DOES? Good question, I have no idea.

Last night, Heidi and I went to a hockey game. See:


That's what hockey looks like. And since Monday is St. Patrick's Day, they were serving green beer. Until they ran out. Jerks. At some point during the second period, Heidi and I both realized we had no knowledge about The Hockey whatsoever.

Heidi: Oh, they're taking another intermission.
Me: Zamboni!
Heidi: How many periods are there?
Me: I don't know. Three?
Heidi: Oh.
Me: That doesn't seem right, though, cause it's an uneven number.
Heidi: Is it over now?
Me: I don't know. Maybe there are four periods? But then the game will be on forever.
Heidi: Hmm.

Anyway, I have more productive things to do now, so I'd better go. That To Do list isn't going to do itself. Heh. I wish it would, though. While I was making it, I wrote stuff down that I knew I wouldn't get to today and WHAT FOR? What's the point of making a To Do list if you don't get to cross everything off IMMEDIATELY?


  1. i'm still mad i missed my game last night. but i got to drink for free, so that was nice.

  2. Drinking for free is the best kind of drinking.

  3. In high school I worked at an ice rink and "after hours" we'd tie a giant shovel to the back of the Zamboni and take wild rides. Good story.

    Hockey makes no sense. But green beer makes perfect sense, so I'm glad you sucked it up and took one for Team Leprochaun!

  4. Yes, thank you, Kat for Vampire Weekend.

  5. you're welcome all around.