Saturday, March 22, 2008

I've had a breakthrough

Heidi and I just watched Ocean's 13 and at some point, this FBI dude comes into the picture and when he did I realized that he was George Sr.'s surrogate from Arrested Development. But I made myself keep quiet because Heidi doesn't even watch that show, so why would I think she'd care that George Sr.'s surrogate was in the movie? I knew she wouldn't care, I just wanted to spread knowledge. No. That's not true. I wanted to be a know-it-all. I'll admit it.

But I didn't say it! Not even once the movie was over! Well, until now. I guess it doesn't mean much, but, you know . . . baby steps.


  1. What About Bob was once voted as the most underrated movies ever.

    Fine. No it wasn't. But if we took a vote right now - you and me - we might be able to validate my first statement.

  2. You've now said it on the Internets, which I think, in fact, makes it true.

    So, yes. What About Bob IS one of the most underrated movies ever.

  3. Baby steps are the least cutest things about babies. They're way better when they can't move.

  4. I think oceans 13 sucked. Where the hell was Julia?

  5. Oh man, I was happy she wasn't there. I find her incredibly annoying.