Thursday, March 06, 2008

Your dentist’s name is Crentist?

Yesterday, Heidi went to the dentist for the first time. Not the first time ever, because . . . gross. But for the first time with this dentist. This particular dentist is also my dentist and he has known me since I was but a wee, little girl with wee, little teeth. He is the best dentist ever in the history of the world. Anyway, I emailed Heidi IMMEDIATELY to see how it went, because . . . work is boring? Yes, it is. And now! Conversations with my Roommate! Email edition!

Me: How was the dentist?

Heidi: The dentist was magical . . . you are a legend there. They all thought you were sweet and nice?!?! Wow, you have them fooled! I have to go back to have my jaw checked out. It clicks and pops when I chew so I have to have something made for my mouth.

Me: I am sweet and nice! Maybe your jaw wouldn’t click and pop if you’d stop with all the BJs.

Heidi: Haha, but I just can't stop!

Me: I understand. That's how I feel about crack.

Anyway, so I'm pretty sure I proved Heidi's point.


  1. And you sent these e-mails on company time?

    Yeah, I'm pretty sure that's like a Federal offense. I'm going to have to report you to THE PRESIDENT.

  2. Well, if she's going to persist with all the blowjobs, maybe your dentist should just remove those pesky teeth too. *heh*

  3. This post made me think of "little shop of horrors" the one starring Steve Martin as THE DENTIST.

    So funny!

    p.s. Heidi needs to stop with the BJs.

  4. Let's just say, the things that wing back and forth by electronic means never forget. Case in point, one of my client's old emails from six years ago received on his personal account on his office computer from his girlfriend about the size and usefulness of his manhood was just waved about in a "we'll embarrass you with this" way on a completely unrelated legal matter relating to his ex-employer. Don't say anything on a cell phone or a computer unless you don't mind hearing/seeing it in the future in an unrelated context.

  5. Stephanie, it was LUNCH time.

    Shari, WOW. Also, ew. Hee.

    Tam, I heart Steve Martin.

    mouse, I'm pretty sure I wouldn't be posting it for all the Internets to read if I wasn't OK hearing/seeing it again.