Monday, March 24, 2008

never eat slimy worms

"Did you just eat that worm?" Bobby asked.

"Yeah, why?" said Danny, around a mouthful of earthworm.

"Um. No reason."

"Mmm." Danny rubbed his belly. Bobby tried to ignore his own rumbling stomach.

"What's it taste like?" Bobby asked.

"Like a regular old gummy worm. Duh." Danny picked up another worm from the sidewalk, put it in his mouth, and slurped it up like a noodle.

"Let me try one!" Bobby grabbed a worm out of Danny's hand and shoved it in his mouth. He regretted it almost immediately.

"Ha! I can't believe you just did that," Danny laughed. "That was too easy."

" . . . erp," said Bobby.

"Wanna go home for dinner?" asked Danny.

"Yeah," Bobby answered weakly. "What's mom making?"



  1. Slimy Worms? Not a chance.

    Dry Worms? I'm listening.

  2. On top of spaghetti?

  3. I'm going to need more information. Will said spaghetti be covered with cheese? Will it contain meatballs that could be lost to errant sneezes? If yes to both questions than I retract my statement on dry worms.

    [Yeah - I don't know either. Sometimes I use your blog as space to exercise my silly.]

  4. You know, I never understood that song. Not because of the meatball tree at the end or anything, but because I've never, ever had spaghetti all covered with cheese.

  5. And if I lost my poor meatball because somebody sneezed, I wouldn't have wanted the meatball anyway.

  6. Seriously! And what, you only got one meatball with your spaghetti? WTF?