Saturday, August 12, 2006

don't you judge me

There's this car on the way to my parents house and it's always sitting out in front of the house and it has this bumper sticker that says "Liberals hate our troops" and EVERY time I drive by it I have to stop myself from "accidentally" crashing into the back of it or sideswiping it and taking the mirror with me. I realize that between this and my last post, I seem very destructive, especially when it comes to cars with certain types of stickers on them. But I'm really a very nice, gentle person! I swear!

At my parents, we were all sitting on the back porch and this thing started fluttering around in the garden. My dad thought it was a butterfly and my mom thought it was a hummingbird, so I went over to investigate and saw that it was actually two butterflies locked in a passionate embrace. They were totally doing it. Who knew that butterflies could engage in consensual (I hope), caterpillar-making intercourse while in flight? At first I thought that maybe they were doing something wrong, because they were both facing opposite directions, but I just googled "butterflies mating" and I guess that's just how they do it. Yes, I really googled that. And I believe I told you not to judge me.

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