Tuesday, August 29, 2006

smile! you're a jackass

I cannot find any pictures of JUST myself where I am not a) making a goofy face, b) posing with a stupid prop, or c) five years old. I'm not sure what that says about me. Other than I am a jackass.

I'm tired today. WOW, this is exciting. Next I will tell you what I had for breakfast. Coffee and an english muffin. Good times.

OH, let me take a moment to talk about . . . Big Brother. I know, earlier this summer I promised (threatened) to talk about it each and every day but what can I say . . . I forgot. And after Kaysar got kicked off for sucking at the game, I lost interest a little. But now I have a bad boy crush on Evil Genius Doctor Will, even though he is skinny and pale and is friends with Mike Boogie. And if you can love someone in spite of that douchebag? That, my friends, is true made-for-TV love.

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