Sunday, August 06, 2006

We'll have an awesome blossom. Extra awesome.

My roommate and I paid our rent a little while ago. At one AM. We like to wait til the last possible minute, although if that were completely true, we'd have waited until 8:59 this morning.

Tonight was supposed to be so fun. But it wasn't. It wasn't horrible and it was fun up to a point but now I'm just really annoyed. We went to a restaurant* for dinner and waited for an hour. AN HOUR. And the food at this restaurant does not warrant waiting for an hour. But we waited, not because we were especially excited about the food, but because we were told we'd only have to wait 20 minutes. Which was a LIE. A big, fat, lie. And we were hungry. At one point, one of my friends went to the hostess to ask why a party who had come in after us had been seated and she told my friend that they had a reservation that had been made three days ago. Ever inquisitive, my roommate and I got the restaurant's phone number and I went outside to call and "make a reservation." Only to be told by THE SAME HOSTESS on the phone that they don't take reservations! At that point I realized I could organize a total coup d'etat but I didn't have the energy because I was fucking hungry.

After dinner, we were going to a friend's for a drink. One drink. Which turned into two hours. The plan was go to a bar after this "drink" but at that point everyone was too tired to go. Except for one person. Well, I mean, I would have gone, but my roommate and her boyfriend were falling asleep on the couch and I was their ride so I didn't think it would be too nice of me to say, "Hey, you guys stay here, I'm going to go get drunk at a bar and when I come back, can you drive us all home?" Because that's just not how I roll. Heh. And then, as I was getting ready to drive myself, my roommate, and her boyfriend home, my friend implied I was an alcoholic. AWESOME. Great ending to the evening. Thanks.

So yeah. I had a GREAT weekend, thanks for asking. Also? I went to the pool today (actually the highlight of my day) and the only part of my body that got sunburnt? My thighs. Only the front, not the back, but that's probably because I fell asleep for an hour on my back. What can I say? John Mayer is very relaxing.

*I'm not saying the name because I'd HATE to tarnish their image**
**It was TGI Friday's

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