Thursday, November 25, 2004

giving thanks

So, I'm giving into peer pressure and telling everyone what I'm thankful for. Not that I think anyone will be reading this tonight, because I'm guessing that if your family is anything like mine, you'll be hungover from turkey and wine for the next couple days anyway.

Here are the things I'm thankful for:

1. This is obvious. My family, of course, for being able to handle death with grace, love, and especially humor.

2. My friends for still being friends with me even when I send them e-mails about hot dogs or Mr. Darcy or Will Ferrell being my lover.

3. Late night infomercials, especially the Time-life music ones. Last night, I watched one for the 150 best romance songs and heard "Moon River" about five times.

4. Mashed potatoes. Ok, basically potatoes in any form.

5. My dog, even though her ears are bald and her farts smell like skunk plus rotten eggs.

6. My fish, even though it's plotting to kill me.

7. Mr. Darcy.

8. Wine, especially at family events, even though it never ends well, like a few weeks ago at the event I will fondly remember as That Time I Drank Wine All Day And Night And Puked And Had My Worst Hangover Ever In Front Of My Parents. TTIDWADANAPAHMWHEIFOMP, for short.

9. Spongebob Squarepants watches from Burger King.

10. Febreze.

11. Desperate Housewives.

12. Lost.

13. Jon Stewart, for getting me through the next four years.

14. Starbucks.

15. Republicans (haha, J/K!)

16. My Alias DVDs, for preparing me in case I am ever taken hostage by Russians or ever have to steal a piece of art from a museum.

17. My trusty thesaurus, or should I say, my trusty "onomasticon/lexicon/storehouse of words."

18. You all, for still reading this blog even when I talk about my underwear and Elf and mucus and you EVEN school me on digital cameras.


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