Tuesday, November 16, 2004

reason number 538 that I'm going straight to hell

Baxlala: today I saw a car with both a Bush/Cheney bumper sticker AND a Creed sticker

HotBowlofChilli: I saw that on your blog a few mintues ago....I don't know how you resisted not hitting that car

Baxlala: I would have, but it was a pretty shitty car anyway

HotBowlofChilli: i love the fact that the dj's on the radio station we listen to at work are ruthless when it comes to creed and the lead singer and altar bridge

Baxlala: everyone hates Scott Stapp

Baxlala: even Jesus

HotBowlofChilli: Jesus is prolly like "stop pretending to have my super powers"

Baxlala: hahaha, right now I'm picturing Jesus wearing a cape

HotBowlofChilli: if I was Jesus, I'd wear a cape

Baxlala: me too

Baxlala: not tights, though

HotBowlofChilli: cuz you'd just get made fun of for wearing a cape...but Jesus could pull it off, cuz it's not cool to make fun of Jesus

Baxlala: I wonder what super powers Jesus has

Baxlala: besides walking on water

Baxlala: and turning water into wine

Baxlala: and, you know, raising the dead

HotBowlofChilli: x-ray vision?

Baxlala: oooh, good one

Baxlala: invisibility?

HotBowlofChilli: reading minds?

Baxlala: oh, definitely

HotBowlofChilli: attracting metal things, like magneto?

HotBowlofChilli: although I don't know how much metal they had back then

Baxlala: I bet he could walk through walls and stuff, too

HotBowlofChilli: that's a good one

HotBowlofChilli: I remember I once made this kid very offended when I posed the question: if Jesus, Socrates, and Confucius got in a fight, who would win?

Baxlala: a fist fight or a verbal fight?

HotBowlofChilli: fist

Baxlala: well, you know it wouldn't be Jesus

Baxlala: he's a pacifist

HotBowlofChilli: but what if Socrates attacked? would he defend himself?

Baxlala: I don't think so

HotBowlofChilli: you think he'd just take the beating? or would he disapparate?

HotBowlofChilli: (apparently now Jesus has Harry Potter magical powers)

Baxlala: is this regular Jesus or new and improved Super!Jesus

HotBowlofChilli: superjesus

Baxlala: cause I think Super!Jesus would fight back

Baxlala: and then he'd win, because the other two have no super powers

Baxlala: that we are aware of

HotBowlofChilli: but does Confucius know martial arts?

Baxlala: I don't know

Baxlala: let's say he does, though, that's still no match for Super!Jesus's wolverine claws

HotBowlofChilli: I think it's agreed that Socrates is a wuss and would get his ass beaten by the other two...I don't think he even figures into the equasion

Baxlala: oh, I agree

Baxlala: he'd just stand there asking questions until someone punched him in the face

HotBowlofChilli: but what if Confucius has throwing stars and keeps out of distance from the claws?

HotBowlofChilli: perhaps superjesus and Confucius would just team up in kicking Socrates' ass

Baxlala: then Super!Jesus could use his invisibility skills

Baxlala: ooooh, that's interesting

HotBowlofChilli: and then they could be the super-philospher friends

Baxlala: I think if Confucius and Super!Jesus put their minds to it, they could take over the world

HotBowlofChilli: too bad we don't have rings to summon them like Captain Planet...because I think they'd both be all about deposing our president

Baxlala: oh, they would

Baxlala: Jesus would be all "stop pretending you're doing what my dad told you!"

HotBowlofChilli: and Confucius would just throw pointy stars at his head

Baxlala: that would be awesome

Baxlala: by the way, this is all going in my blog

HotBowlofChilli: as it should

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