Tuesday, November 16, 2004

oddly enough

I can always count on Yahoo's Odd News to cheer me up.

Nude Man Jumps into Lizard Tank at Zoo: A man was undergoing psychiatric evaluation after he jumped naked into a pool of carnivorous reptiles at the Bronx Zoo, authorities said. (Well, no shit.)

Bush and Blair Accused of Mangling English: Humphrys picks on Bush -- who once famously used the word "misunderestimate" -- and pokes fun at him as someone who "often speaks as though English were his second language." (I'm a sucker for any story that brings up Dubyaspeak)

Sniffer dog gets death threats: A drug sniffer dog working at a prison in Manchester has received death threats because it is so good at its job, a newspaper has reported. (These people realize dogs can't read, right?)

Big Bottom Mannequins Boost Profile in New York: "These mannequins look great, and there is a real sex appeal about them." (Isn't giving a mannequin sex appeal just asking for trouble?)

Dropping Drawers for Charity: Want to see a middle-aged guy with a receding hairline and a paunch take off his clothes? (who DOESN'T?!)

Ohio Woman Runs Rescue Mission for Rats: Jennifer Mitchell's apartment is full of rats, and that's exactly how she wants it. Mitchell runs a rat rescue mission, caring for dozens of rats from people who get overwhelmed when their pet rodents have multiple babies. (Does this remind anyone else of that episode of Friends when Phoebe's rat Bob had babies? Also, can I just say again how proud I am to be from Ohio? I mean . . . wow, just . . . wow.)

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