Wednesday, November 17, 2004

it's so obvious that I'm putting something off

Ok. I'm planning on working on the novel for a while tonight. I've managed to distract myself from it all day. Not that I was doing anything important. I wasn't. All the same, I was very distracted by my book, other blogs, homework, posting stupid entries on my own blog (see all entries from today), dinner, making a "quarantine" sign for the back door, Lost, the height of my desk chair, and now Full House reruns.

The only important thing on that list was watching Lost. I'm obsessed with that show. It's probably my favorite show on TV, aside from The Daily Show, but that doesn't count because it's a "news" show. I wish it was on every night. It'd be great if I could design my own TV network, because it would only play shows I like.

Actually, that's probably what Tivo is, right? I'm not really sure what Tivo does, other than it apparently records things it thinks you'll like.

I just noticed that I somehow got peanut butter on the cover of a book I haven't even READ yet. I also tore the cover. I hate when my books don't look pristine and new. That's mainly why I hate lending my books to people. No one else takes the kind of care as I do (read: obsessive) when they borrow them. Once I asked a friend to replace the book her sister has sat on, because the cover was all bent, and she just laughed at me. She thought I was kidding. I wasn't.

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