Wednesday, November 17, 2004

water, snot, and pee

I cannot stop drinking water today. I think I'm on my 8th glass. I'm sure it's because I have a cold and I've been walking around with my mouth hanging open like a confused redneck. No offense to rednecks, confused or otherwise.

I hate being sick. At least sick like this, where I don't really feel all that bad so I can't get away with staying in bed all day watching awful Lifetime movies. But having a cold is just a pain in the ass. First of all, most cold medicine makes me feel weird. I'm taking Dayquil right now and that seems to be OK, as long as I don't accidently overdose. I took some random medicine from the cabinet the other night, thinking it'd knock me out and I'd get a really good night's sleep. No, instead I felt dizzy and jittery like I was drunk or high or had too much coffee. I read the back of the bottle the next morning and the warning label said to stop taking it if you experienced dizziness or sleeplessness. WTF? I don't think normal cold medicine should have a warning label.

Also? I keep blowing my nose but NOTHING COMES OUT. I know there's stuff up there. Hence the heavy, mouth-breathing. Seriously, every time I blow my nose and something comes out I get a little excited. Sure, it's disgusting but it's kind of fascinating that that much stuff can come out of your own body.

The major thing that sucks about drinking all this water is that I'm peeing every 20 minutes, which is annoying as hell. I have a small bladder and usually have to pee ALL THE TIME on normal days when I try to limit my beverage intake, but add in twenty liters of water and if I find myself far from a bathroom I'm completely screwed.

I guess I'll stop talking about my bodily functions. At least for right now. I need more water.

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