Friday, November 09, 2007

We accept the reality of the world with which we are presented.

When I was younger, I almost always believed that things I saw in movies could happen in real life. I tried to fly by thinking happy thoughts. After I saw Beetlejuice, I drew a door on the side of our house with sidewalk chalk and was very disappointed when I knocked three times and nothing happened. I thought ET and Gremlins were real. I thought Oz and Never-Neverland were real places. Mary Poppins made me believe that I could fly home from school using only my umbrella, or dive into a sidewalk chalk drawing, or that I could clean my room by snapping my fingers (this may explain why my room was always such a mess), or that maybe, just maybe, one day my horse would hop off the merry-go-round.

Maybe this is why, at the age of 16, I walked out of The Truman Show absolutely CONVINCED that my life was being broadcast for the entire world to see. I skulked through the parking lot, eyeing the streetlights suspiciously, sure that there were cameras hidden in them.

It probably also explains why I still tell my sister that I attended Hogwarts and the only reason she doesn't remember is because I used the Obliviate spell on her. The thing is, though? Hogwarts IS a real place. Or at least it will be. So don't try and tell me I can never go to Oz because I WON'T BELIEVE YOU. All I need is a tornado, a tiny dog, and a slight concussion.

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