Friday, November 30, 2007

so gather up your jackets, move it to the exits, I hope you have found a friend

So here's the thing. I kicked NaBloPoMo's ass. I posted every day for a month AND THEN SOME. To be honest with you, I was never that worried about not being able to post every day. I post pretty much every day anyway. Plus, my brain is so full of thoughts. Not necessarily good thoughts, or clever thoughts, but thoughts NONETHELESS. And as I explained to Abigail! and Kat!, my mind is like a snake bite (stay with me). You know how if you get bitten by a snake? You have to suck the poison out? Well, if I don't get all the words out of my brain then I'll die. Or something. It was not a very good analogy, but whatever.

I'm a lot more concerned about my next endeavor. I've decided to participate in Kat!'s first ever NoBloPoMo (figure it out). So. See you guys next year.

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