Wednesday, August 25, 2004

back off, old man river

Yesterday was the first day of my last class at Wittenberg. It's strange to go to class but not be living on campus. I almost turned into the parking lot of Faculty Court (where I lived last year) after class.

I think the class, 20th Century British Lit, is going to be interesting. Out of all the lit classes I've had, I've always enjoyed American lit better, but I think that's because I just had better professors (one in particular) for those subjects. We're watching The Importance of Being Earnest tomorrow, and I was really excited about it because Colin Firth is in it. Unfortunately, we're watching the 1952 version, so no Mr. Darcy for me.

Last night I got together with a few friends at Elsa's (home of the Bad Juan margarita). After dinner a few of us went to a bar to have a beer, but this old guy kept coming over to talk to us. He came over because of Nicole's shoulders. He asked her if she was a swimmer (she is) and told her she should model. He told me I look like I'm a musical person because I have shorter hair and nice teeth (ok?) and that I have an operatic laugh (again, ok?). He told Nancy that she reminded him of Sarah Jessica Parker and that she should be in NYC wearing little black dresses and producing shows. Oh, and also she has a melodic laugh.

Then he started talking about biorhythms so we left.

When he first came over he told us he didn't drink (the slurred speech and stumbling suggested otherwise). The second or third time he came over, he was carrying a beer.

He was harmless, but I have to wonder what gets into a person's head that they're just going to decide to become best friends with complete strangers. We even told him that we don't get to see each other very often, so we were catching up. I think most people would infer that we wanted to be left alone.

Nancy and I decided that we're too nice. We're also devising a code we can use to get out of uncomfortable situations that might arise in the future.

Any suggestions?

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