Monday, August 30, 2004

this is why altavista was invented

Is anyone else completely addicted to that new navigation bar thing at the top of everyone's blogs? Sometimes when I'm bored or have nothing to do (which is a lot) I'll just click away on the Next Blog button. It's fun. Like a game.

I especially love the blogs in different languages. I just stare at the screen and wonder what it says. Today, for instance, I came across this blog. This first sentence in the first post is CHINGA TU MADRE!

I have very limited Spanish-speaking skills, but even I know most of the bad words. Chinga tu madre means fuck your mother.

If you go to Altavista's very handy Babel Fish translation website (10 bonus points to anyone who knows where the Babel Fish comes from) you can translate the entire website into English. What makes it fun is that there are some things it doesn't translate. Chinga tu madre, for instance, comes back as "Chinga your mother." I guess they don't translate curse words.

Also, the translations are very literal, with such gems as "with the eyes still sleepy" and "take hold the keys."

Even with the translation, though, I'm not sure I got the total gist of the post. And there are some other words that Altavista wouldn't translate. They must be dirty.

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