Monday, August 23, 2004

you can tell i should be studying, because this is my second post in 3 hours

I'm looking through my CPR notes and wondering about my sanity (or my professor's, if he actually said these things). I write bizarre things.

DON'T press on the zyphoid process!! You'll break it, it will lacerate the liver and they'll die and it will be all your fault.

No stomping on broken legs.

Do head-to-toe exam by looking or gentle touching (no bad touching, though).

Poor slurred speech - shock or head injury (or v. drunk).

No bluffing. (?)

Repeat until baby starts screaming.

Stay low over victim so you don't get dizzy and pass out on top of them.

Human bites are highly infections, ex. zombies.

Rabies deadly to any animal except bats (another reason to hate bats.)

Breath smells like gas (petroleum, not farts).

Chiggers secrete a digestive enzyme that liquifies the skin so they can eat it (bug zombies?)

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