Wednesday, August 29, 2007

I don't understand the numbers, but my faith is in the math

Sometimes I play this game at work. It's called How Long Can You Hold It. What I do is, I drink water all day long and then see how long I can sit at my desk without peeing my pants. Admittedly, this is a stupid game because the only loser is me. And if I lose, it means I have to walk around in pee-pants all day. And yet still I play. Whatever. I have to fill my day somehow and I can only twirl my hair, stare into space, and daydream for so many hours. OK, I could do that for all the hours, so it's a good thing I can almost pee my pants while I do all of that other stuff.

Last night, I was looking through all of my CDs, because I have a million articles to write by next Tuesday and I've run out of other ways to procrastinate. I think I even finished the Internets. True story. Anyway, I found this John Mayer mix CD I made sophomore year of college. All of the songs were downloaded illegally. Most of them are live versions or cover songs or songs that never appeared on any CDs that I know of. I think I actually have this CD somewhere full of mp3s I downloaded from Napster or AudioGalaxy or whatever it was the kids were using to download illegal music 5 years ago. I miss Napster. I mostly miss downloading things like the Rainbow Brite theme song in French because, hello . . . that's awesome. I don't know why I'm telling you all this. Do you really care that I found an old CD and have been listening to it all morning and wallowing in college-days nostalgia? I doubt it. I mean, I guess it's good that I've moved past listening to Coldplay and wallowing in self-pity, but wallowing is still wallowing, you know?

I don't know, either. I DO know that I wish I had waited another week to start my necessity-only spending plan. DO YOU WANT TO KNOW WHY? Too bad, I'll tell you. ONE - The Threadless $10 sale goes until Monday and TWO - Season 3 of The Office comes out next Tuesday. And even though my Decider (Heidi) told me I'm allowed to buy The Office, I talked myself out of it because Christmas isn't that far away and also we have the majority of Season 3 saved on TiVo. If Heidi deletes them I have a tiny conniption fit because I like to watch the episodes over and over until I can know them by heart and can walk around reciting all my favorite lines. Actually, maybe that's why she deletes them. Hmm.

And just to make sure I won't go out and buy Season 3 of The Office in a moment of weakness, I went ahead and asked for it for Christmas. Yes, I sent my mom a Christmas list. Heidi made fun of me and said only 6-year-olds make Christmas lists but WHATEVER my mom ASKED for it because she likes to start Christmas shopping in January or something when everyone KNOWS you're supposed to wait until at least December 20th to buy any presents. Anyway, my Christmas list looked like this:

Season 3 of The Office
gift certificate to Threadless
gift certificate to Half-Price Books or CD Connection

and that is all because I am simple. Also, I made sure to tell my mom that I listed everything in the order of how much I wanted it. Merry Christmas, Internets. What do you want Santa to bring you?

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