Sunday, April 27, 2008

and then my heart broke into a thousand pieces

Conversations With My Cousin:

So what do you guys normally do on the weekend?
Josh: Last weekend, I read this book all weekend.
Me: Oh, cool.
Josh: It was for school.
Me: What book was it?
Josh: Fahrenheit 451.
Me: Oh, I love that book!
Josh: I hated it.
Me: Oh, no.
Josh: It was the most boring book I've ever read.
Me: Josh. Stop.
Josh: It was sooooo boring. And we also read Great Expectations.
Me: . . . and?
Josh: It was so boring, too!
Me: Ouch, my heart.
Josh: Don't tell me you LIKED that book.
Me: Josh. Do me a favor. In ten years, I want you to go back and reread these books.
Josh: . . .
Me: Please.
Josh: Whatever.


  1. Great Expectations Never met mine. I'm with your cousin.

  2. I've never heard someone refer to "Fahrenheit" as boring. I can see a kid his age not liking something by a Bronte sister (it took me a while to appreciate it in the right way), but Fahrenheit? I-swear-these-kids-today-grumble-grumble-frown

  3. I can totally agree with him on Great Expectations, but Fahrenheit 451!? Ouch, indeed. What grade is he in?

  4. Great Expectations is my second favorite book. I'm glad I'm a fake internet person because suddenly I don't like these "real" friends of yours.

  5. You can call me, 'Sir'10:45 PM

    Damn, yo. Thumbs down on the 4-5-1? That's whack.