Friday, April 25, 2008

this is borderline inappropriate

So I'm babysitting my cousins this weekend. I made them some pizza earlier and while Josh was in the bathroom, Sammy picked up Josh's pizza, licked it, and giggled, "Shhh! Don't tell him!" Then Josh came out of the bathroom and Sam yelled, "I LICKED YOUR PIZZA!" Chaos ensued.

Later, we were watching Mocha (the tiny, tiny chihuahua) play with one of her tennis balls and I was all, "why does Mocha have so many balls?" and Sammy was all, "giggle giggle," and I was like, "oh, so it's genetic, then," because . . . balls. Hee. And then they were showing me pictures of their trip to Montana to visit my OTHER aunt, and for some reason my aunt's dog played a major role in a lot of these pictures.

Me: What's their dog's name again?
Josh: Amos.
Sammy: Anus.

Yep. Definitely genetic.