Monday, April 21, 2008

but I am le tired

Someone actually said, "looks like somebody's got a case of the Mondays," to me earlier. I should get points for not punching this person in the face, yes? Yes. Thank you. I drove to work in a fog today. Not like a mental fog, but an actual fog. I sort of felt like I was dreaming or stuck in that Stephen King story and was about to be attacked by a monster. Either option sounds better than work, so bring it on.

Places I would rather be than work:

the DMV
a baby shower
the Republican National Convention

I turn 26 in exactly one week. I've been thinking about having a quarter-life crisis, but I'm not really sure what that entails. Quitting my job? Joining a rock band? Running away to Alaska? Robbing a bank? I think maybe I'll just try all of these things. Except robbing a bank. Because, aside from inching closer to 30 next week (thanks, Sister), I also leave for Philly and I told Abigail I would try not to get arrested before then. I mean, I'm also going to try not to get arrested IN Philly, but who knows what might happen? All I can say is, if there's an opportunity to lick the Liberty Bell, I'm taking it. I've heard it tastes like pennies.


  1. no getting arrested in philly.

    that's good advice.

  2. When in Philly seek out "Monks Tavern" near the Rittenhouse Square area. It has a wide selection of Belgian beer, interesting food, and baskets of waffle fries. And who doesn't like waffle fries? (Please tell me you like waffle fries...)

  3. kat! I will do my very best.

    GSR, I would kill someone for some waffle fries right now. I'm starving.

  4. People who say 'case of the Mondays' need to be punched in the nose.

  5. I will do the punching.

  6. a) one time i had to drive to work in an actual fog and i got lost. twice.

    b) i totally call your bluff on the rnc thing.

    c) don't forget to check in with your front desk for birthday-related things.

    d) i just noticed your work sucks (i know) label. love. blink 182 doesn't get overplayed enough anymore.

  7. Abigail, I was obsessed with blink 182 in high school and a tiny bit in love with all of them.

  8. well if you are flying on your birthday dont expect much. On thursday AT LEAST three people looked at my ID at the airport - do you think ANY of them said Happy Bday? NO. F'ers.

  9. I'm flying a couple days after my b-day, plus it'll be May, so I doubt I'll get any birthday wishes. OH WELL.