Saturday, April 26, 2008

articles written today: ZERO!

Internets, this is Mocha:


She is a dog (sort of) and belongs primarily to my aunt. While I've been here, she's spent the majority of her time playing with her balls (heh) and licking my feet. Licking. My. Feet. Gross. I really, really wish she would stop.

She's starting to grow on me, even though she's all cracked out most of the time. For instance, last night I got into bed and she crawled under the sheets and curled up right next to me. It was so adorable that my heart almost exploded. It didn't, though. In case you were worried.


  1. I don't know, I kind of like it when they lick themselves and then they get all excited to see you and decide to lick you too. Just remember that her mouth is probably way cleaner than say, a bathroom door handle or the handle to your refrigerator.

  2. Why would you think licking your feet is gross? I think you have low self-esteem. 5¢ please.

  3. Ashley, I don't like it when my refrigerator licks me, either. Hee.

    Peefer, I think licking anyone's feet is gross.