Monday, December 27, 2004

blah, blah, blah

I hope everyone had a great holiday. Actually, it still kind of feels like the holiday season, what with the snow and the decorations still hanging and I just saw the Christmahanakwanzakaa commercial TWICE. Speaking of the snow, it's a pain in the ass. There's no place to put it and there are piles everywhere taller than I am. And granted, that's not very tall, but what if I fall into one? No one will find me until March.

ANYWAY. As you might have gathered from the picture below, I got a digital camera (!!!) for Christmas. The mooning-Santa belongs to my grandma, but not the grandma who bought a Happy Birthday Jesus cake last Christmas. I've been playing with the camera for the past few days and taking lots of pictures, mostly of the dog because she's always there and doesn't move or run away before I can snap the picture. I also got a new haircut today and I took a picture, because new things just go together, you know? I might post it later if I remember, although I kind of like that (as of right now) I'm faceless to those of you who don't know me in non-virtual life. Plus, if I do something illegal and I write about it on here, I probably shouldn't post any photographic evidence. Hmm.

I also got season 3 of Alias and so far I've watched about half of it. The paranoia should be setting in soon. Actually, after reading the last statement from the paragraph above, maybe it already has.

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