Monday, December 13, 2004

sisterly love

I just finished my greatest accomplishment to date and I am exhausted. My mom asked me to wrap my sister's Christmas presents, because I have no job and my sister is nosy. I, of course, obliged because I like wrapping presents but MOSTLY because I like tormenting my sister. Usually, I use as much tape as possible when wrapping her present and I make sure there is no fold uncovered. This year, though, this year would have to be different. Special. I have a lot of time on my hands, you know.

My mom, like me, would rather shop online than step foot in a mall (shudder) so all of my sister's presents came in nice, sturdy Amazon boxes. I wrapped the three books together and the two DVDs together, then put these bundles into another box and wrapped that. I wrapped three CDs and put those into another box and wrapped THAT. THEN, I wrapped two CDs individually, put them into another box and, you guessed it, wrapped that box. So, in the end, I had three boxes. Oh, but this wasn't the end.

Luckily, there was a ginormous box downstairs. I put the three boxes I'd wrapped into this huge box and spent about 25 minutes wrapping it. It's going to take my sister a looooooong time to unwrap everything, especially since I covered all of the things I wrapped in a LOT of tape. I just realized how wasteful this all is, but we recycle so I figure it will all equal out in the end.

Anyway, after I wrapped this big box, I tied ribbon around it going both directions. Then I made a bow out of ribbon and taped eight more already-made bows around the fancy bow. You can't see the nametag, so my sister will be tormented DAILY as she wonders who the present is for.

The best part is, I wrapped everything in Spongebob Squarepants wrapping paper. I know it was meant to be, because I had JUST ENOUGH paper to cover the edges of the big box.

And really, doesn't everyone like Spongebob wrapping paper? Yes. Except for, maybe, the friends of mine WHO SHALL REMAIN NAMELESS that made fun of me just because I was wearing three Burger King Spongebob watches at the same time. Whatever. They're just jealous.

All in all, I spent about two hours wrapping her presents. All because, on Christmas morning, I want to see my sister's face light up. With rage.

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