Thursday, December 09, 2004

John Mayer has a TV show AND I WATCHED IT

Today was the best day ever, and I'll tell you why. Between repeated viewings of Sex and the City (thank you, HBO OnDemand) I decided to channel surf to see if anything else was on. I meant to hit 3 and then 1, but since I am so lazy that I can't even be bothered to look at the remote, I hit 6 and 4. VH1 is channel 62 and I noticed on the channel guide that John Mayer's new show was starting THAT VERY MINUTE. So, of course, I quickly changed the channel to VH1.

The show, creatively titled John Mayer Has a TV Show, was half an hour of quirkiness and laughs, LAUGHS, I tell you. The set is awesome, consisting of a card table, a couple of lawn chairs, a crappy sign, and some of those shitty ass lights you had hanging in your dorm room. Don't lie. I know you had them. First, he dressed up in a bear suit and made fun of himself in front of fans. Then he shaved a crew member's head so it looked like he had male pattern baldness. Then he saved said crew member's eyebrows off. Poor crew member. Throughout the show, he interviewed Trick Daddy and at one point they wandered around Nashville in cowboy hats.

By far my favorite part, however, was when Mayer interviewed four female fans. He asked them tough questions such as, "how do you feel about pro bono pro bongo?" Watching the fans made me feel a little embarrassed for them because, while I hope that if I were in that situation I wouldn't act as giggly and stupid as they did, part of me fears I would act EXACTLY LIKE THEM.

The show, in my own humble opinion, is hilarious. Then again, I would probably watch the show if it was just John Mayer making grilled cheese sandwiches and clipping his toenails (not at the same time, of course. That'd be gross.)

That's totally untrue, though. I'd never watch anyone clip their toenails. I don't even like watching me clip my own. Feet are gross. Even John Mayer's.

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