Thursday, December 23, 2004

finally, I know what to avoid

I just came across the best website, courtesy of this post. It's called Christian Spotlight and there are HOURS of entertainment here. Basically, users tell the public which movies and TV shows are OK and which to avoid in case Satan is using them to take control of your mind and body. Here are some samplings:


AVOID: Not only does this show contain sexual innuendo, blasphemy against our faith, and promotes the false belief in alien life forms, but it also takes place in the year 3000 (by which time the rapture will most likely have come)

South Park-

AVOID: I urge everyone to avoid this shameless piece of nonsense. The content was never less than utterly offensive. The disgusting tolerance of homosexuality and the constant violence and swearing made me feel sick.

Two Guys, a Girl, and a Pizza Place-

I enjoy this show, although the characters do have some immoral relationships. They don't usually discuss sexual topics and the fact that the character Johnny wants to marry Sharon and not just live with her is refreshing. I'm just glad they don't have a homosexual character (at least not yet)

Will and Grace-

AVOID: I watched this show the other night and I was appalled. The character Jack (played by an actor who went to my college) especially is bad because he is the "funniest" gay character and is therefore the most appealing to young children. Also, he is played by a handsome young man, ... (and I knew that God was watching me angrily as) I fought to suppress my attraction to him. I am a reformed homosexual who is now married to a wonderful woman, and people like me don't need such horrible filth on TV to tempt us back into sin.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer-

AVOID: Sorry to every pre-teen, teenager and even adult out there, this show is a major distraction to your relationship with Jesus.

The Real World-

AVOID: The steady show of homosexuality is pushing children to view it as normal behavior. I strongly disagree with this use and The Real World's way of subjecting our children to their way of life.


AVOID: This show is horrible. The whole theme is sex, sex, sex. Hollywood seems to be so preoccupied with it these days. This show is bad, and should be avoided.

The X-Files-

Although many of the opinions expressed about the X-Files refer to the quality of the writing and other production aspects of the show, one cannot overlook the blatant occult messages presented in this program. I have viewed only about three full episodes and found the shows content definitely not for Christian viewing. On one notable episode, the subject matter dealt with Voodoo and transmutation. In another episode (and apparently many of the other shows) deal with extraterrestrials. Christians need to be aware that these "extraterrestrials" are actually inter dimensional beings that the Bible has clearly identified as demons

This show is much less violent than Walker, Texas Ranger.

I haven't read many of the movie reviews yet, but those are equally amusing. I have to go now. Will and Grace is on and I like to watch homosexuality run rampant.

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