Friday, December 24, 2004

Happy Christmas Eve!

Despite all the snow outside and the presents around the tree, I'm not feeling very Christmasy, especially after reading about sad puppies and kittens (thanks, Peter!) I'd go outside and build a snowman or something, but it's 8 degrees and I'd like to keep all my fingers, thank you. I'm listening to the All Christmas Carols All The Time radio station, but so far all the songs they've played have annoyed the hell out of me. I'm waiting for the Hippopotamus song. It's my only hope.

Maybe I should go watch Elf. Or Love Actually. I can't wait until A Christmas Story is on FOR 24 GLORIOUS HOURS later tonight. WHOOHOO! If that doesn't put me in the Christmas mood, nothing will. We're also supposed to go to church services later. We go to church twice a year. Easter and Christmas Eve. Sometimes we go on Palm Sunday. We're bad Lutherans. This sounds horrible, but the only reason I'm looking forward to going to church tonight is because we'll get to light candles and turn the lights off and sing Silent Night. I like the way the candles smell when we blow them out. Like a birthday, which I guess is fitting since it's like Jesus's birthday and everything.

So. Yeah. Happy Birthday, Jesus. I hope all the candles fit on your cake.

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