Saturday, December 18, 2004

what flavor was it?

I just got back from A Very Special Family Christmas and yes IT IS almost midnight and yes I AM aware that it's not December 25th yet.

I won't list all the incriminating things that happened, because I told everyone I'd change the names to protect the innocent, but that seems like a lot of work right now. Let's just say a lot of wine/vodka was consumed with hilarious results.

I will say that one of my cousins seems to think that New England is "in a country in Europe." This is the same cousin who once drew a picture of a mummy and a hot dog and who asked for chocolate donuts from Santa one year.

Here's something I've been meaning to ask and if you all think I'm disgusting and never want to read this blog again I will completely understand, but I actually think I might have talked about this before and I'm just too lazy to peruse my archives. See, we have this thing in my family where if someone farts, you put your hand in a fist with the thumb pointing out and then you put your thumb on your forehead. Whoever is the last to do this "ate it." It being the fart. Then, whoever ate it has to say what flavor it was. Weird, yes. Gross, also yes. Hilarious? Totally.

I'm just wondering . . . does anyone else's family do the Eat the Fart game or even a variation of it? Please tell me someone's does.

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