Thursday, December 16, 2004

why are people such assholes?

Today my mom was at the grocery store, as she tends to do on days, well, ending in 'y'. When she went to get some milk, she noticed a Little Old Lady in a wheelchair trying to get a jug of milk from one of the taller shelves. Little Old Lady, probably someone's sweet grandma who was trying to buy milk so her adorable, moppet grandchildren would have something to drink with their homemade snickerdoodles on Christmas Eve, was having a bit of trouble reaching the milk she wanted. Other people kept coming up behind her, reaching over her to get their own milk, and then leaving, even though they HAD to have noticed her struggling. WTF? How hard would it be to get the old lady some milk? I guarantee it would take less time than standing there impatiently, huffing and rolling your eyes, and then getting all up in Grandma's shit and stealing her milk. C'mon, people.

And, in case you're wondering, my mom asked Little Old Lady if she needed help. She, obviously, said yes and my mom got her some goddamn milk.

My mom's no asshole.

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