Saturday, November 04, 2006

crazy, crazy, everybody laugh

Do you want to hear why my roommate is awesome? Last night, she was waiting to get her flat tire changed and she was shopping (as you do). She called me to ask what size shoe I wear because she'd found some cute ones for only four dollars. FOUR DOLLARS. And she bought them for me and look how cute they are:

Don't be jealous of my cute shoes or awesome roommate, OK? Unfortunately, it's too cold outside for me to wear them, but come April or May when it finally warms up again, or if I win the lottery and can afford to go on vacation? I'm totally busting these babies out.

Heidi always bought a quesadilla maker. A QUESADILLA MAKER. This will go well with the enormous amount of tortilla soup we have left from our Max & Erma's Tortilla Soup experiment.

So, last night, I had my pajamas on by the time Heidi got home from her flat tire debacle (8:30, nice), I was ignoring my phone (even calls from a boy), and I was watching Center Stage. Why, yes, it was an exciting night, thank you. Then she suggested we go see a movie. Namely, Borat. Who would turn that down? Not me. Especially when the movie theater is two minutes from our apartment. So, even though it meant changing from my pajamas to regular clothes, we went to the movies. And even though it was a 9:50 showing, the theater was packed. AND worst of all? When we tried to go to the little kiosk where you can just swipe your credit card and it prints you a ticket? It wasn't working! Oh, no! We always buy our tickets there, because you can totally buy them for the senior citizen price and the 15-year-old boys never say anything when they rip your ticket. My dad gave me a disapproving look when I told him we did this, but I'm sorry, most movies are not worth 9 dollars or however much they cost now. I don't know, because senior citizens only have to pay $6.75. Anyway, so we had to buy our tickets through the regular line and I was really happy that I never take anything out of my purse/wallet because the guy asked if I had a military or student ID for the discount and I TOTALLY DID. He must have overlooked that my student ID said "2004" on it, or he just assumed I was really dumb and still in college.

I forget where I was going with this. Oh well. Anyway, the movie was HILARIOUS. I laughed til I cried. And I actually missed pieces of the dialogue because the theater was so loud. With the laughter. And people peeing themselves. Which can be loud. Also smelly. I really feel like there should have been some kind of warning at the beginning of the movie. Something like, "there is male nudity in this movie, fat and hairy male nudity, that may cause the viewer to laugh hysterically and then want to pour bleach onto their brain . . . watch at your own risk."

It would have been helpful, is what I'm saying.

When we got out of the theater, I saw that one of my friends had called but hadn't left a message. And when I called her back, she said she was calling to tell me she was engaged. Another one bites the dust. RIP. Ha, just kidding, congratulations, Nancy!

Seriously, though, that is five, count them FIVE, of my friends who are at this very moment engaged. One, two, tree, four, five! Yeah, counting them like The Count doesn't make it any less scary. If Heidi gets engaged soon, I'm going to Vegas and marrying the first guy I see there.

OK, not really. Maybe the second guy.

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