Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Funniest guy she's ever met? I'm funny, right? What do you know, you're a door! You just like knock-knock jokes! Ha ha ha. Save it for inside.

So, I was having a bad day. Yes, even though it's election day. It's raining, I don't feel good, and I had to trade my coffee for cranberry juice this morning (and not because I'm on the Regina George cranberry juice diet) and so now I have a big, fat, caffeine-addict headache.

I said I WAS having a bad day. Because then I went to check out the Hoagie (heehee, hoagie) nominees and saw my name. Whoo and hoo! And also yay!

I was nominated for Hilarious-est blog and since I've always equated laughter (with me, at me, whatever) with people liking me, I was pretty happy. I even choked down some more cranberry juice in excitement, which isn't a good idea because . . . you know, the choking and everything.

So, please. Laugh at me. Like me. Or I might cry. And they don't give you gold turkeys for crying.

Although, they might still give you candy.

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